Eelco Smit

Eelco SmitEelco Smit

Mr. Eelco Smit is Senior Manager of Sustainability at Philips Consumer Lifestyle. He also represents Philips Consumer Lifestyle at trade associations CECED and DIGITALEUROPE.
His activity in the past includes a position as environmental affairs manager at Epson Europe, before this he worked in the Environmental Affairs department of LG Electronics.

Mr. Smit holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology. He is responsible for all recycling activities in Philips Consumer Lifestyle. This includes supporting sales organizations in managing recycling obligations, defining the long term strategy on recycling, lobbying on EU level and global tracking of waste legislation. Next to these end of life activities he manages the company’s recycled plastics program where he support their innovation teams to increase the use of recycled plastics in products. He also supports innovation teams to design products that are easier to recycle. In this role he represents Philips Consumer Lifestyle at various trade associations such as CECED and DIGITALEUROPE.

We hope that the CWIT project will bring forward concrete recommendations that will enable us to more effectively counter the illegal trade of WEEE

European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED)

The European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED) represents the household appliance industry in Europe. CECED’s members are made up of European household appliance manufacturers and National Associations that represent the industry at national level. The scope of its activity includes all the EU member states and all the other countries that are geographically part of Europe, including Turkey and Russia. It counts 18 Direct Members and 24 National Associations representing 20 countries. The overall collective turnover of CECED members is approximately €32 billion.

CECED’s main objective is to represent the household appliance industry’s position and interests in Europe through dialogue with the European Union’s political and regulatory institutions following consultation with all its membership.

The Association provides a Forum within which the industry can reach consensus on issues of common interest. Issues include: legislation that influences the placing of products on the market (safety, consumer rights, energy), environmental issues, global trade issues, fair competition and technical standardisation.


DIGITALEUROPE is the representative of the European digital technology industry, which includes large and small companies in the Information and Communications Technology and Consumer Electronics Industry sectors. It is composed of major multinational companies and national associations from European countries. In all, DIGITALEUROPE represents more than 10,000 companies all over Europe with more than 2 million employees and over EUR 1,000 billion in revenues. Given the increasingly global nature of the Digital Technology Industry, DIGITALEUROPE’s activities, including consideration of membership, cover Europe in a geographic sense, including EU accession countries, EU accession candidate countries and non EU countries.

DIGITALEUROPE’s activity is to foster, on behalf of its members, a business, policy and regulatory environment in Europe that best realizes their vision. They will achieve this by working as positive partners with the European Institutions and other European and global bodies and, through their national trade associations, the member states of Europe.