Katie Olley

Katie Olley

Ms. Katie Olley is a Senior Environment Protection Officer, within the Producer Compliance and Waste Shipment Unit at the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency and is a lead on waste shipment issues having worked in the field at both the national and European level since 2000.  Her interest in the shipment of waste across international borders started during her four years as a lobbyist with the Dutch Waste Processing Association.

Katie is also the Project Manager for IMPEL’s (European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law) Enforcement Actions.  This project aims to harmonise the level of waste shipment inspections across the European Union.  She has an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and a Masters in Pollution and Environmental Control from the University of Manchester.

The partnership approach used by the CWIT project will help us to combat the illegal trade involved in the shipment of waste electronic and electrical equipment

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA)

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency is Scotland’s environmental regulator. Their main role is to protect and improve the environment. They do this by regulating activities that can cause harmful pollution and by monitoring the quality of Scotland’s air, land and water. The regulations they implement also cover the keeping and use, and the accumulation and disposal, of radioactive substances.  The Agency has 1,300 employees cover a range of specialist areas including chemistry, ecology, environmental regulation, hydrology, engineering, quality control, planning and communications. Twenty-two offices enable them to work across the whole of Scotland from the Highlands and Islands to the Borders and their corporate office is in Stirling.

They are a member of the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL).