Norbert Zonneveld

vvbfoto dhr zonneveld .IMG_3505Norbert Zonneveld

Mr. Norbert Zonneveld is currently the Executive Secretary of the European Electronics Recycling Association (EERA) since 2004. Among others, he has worked as the CEO of MIREC, part of the waste services division of SUEZ, the French-quoted conglomerate. Mr. Zonneveld holds a M.Sc., Biology and Business Administration, from the Wageningen University and Erasmus University. His organization is based in The Netherlands.

Enforcement of legislation is often the weakest link in policy making. The CWIT project contributes to obtaining more substantiated information that can be used for enforcement and by that should result in a fair level playing field for legitimate recyclers”

European Electronics Recycling Association

The association is a non-profit organization and its purpose is to gather and represent enterprises involved in the recycling of waste of electrical and electronic equipment – WEEE. EERA counts with 38 recycling companies which are positioned in 17 European countries. Its members process ± 2, 5 million tonnes of WEEE annually in Europe.
EERA’s objectives include gaining influence at EU-level for the common good of the recycling industry and on following and responding to issues that are under discussion at national and international level (such as the transposition of the WEEE Directive, WEEE Treatment Standards or the Illegal Trade of Waste).

The lobby work to achieve auditable and traceable collection and processing systems which rule out illegal export of WEEE has resulted in adoptions in the WEEE Directive. EERA cooperates with IMPEL (EU Network for Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law) to fight illegal export. EERA has contributed in the past to the studies dealing with WEEE flows performed by the United Nations University.

Country map of EERA members