EU Forum of Judges for the Environment website

EU Forum of Judges for the Environment website


The EU Forum of Judges for the Environment (EUFJE) has launched an updated website:

The objective of the Forum is to promote the enforcement of national, European and international environmental law in a perspective of sustainable development. The aim of the Forum is in particular to exchange experiences in the area of training of the judiciary in environmental law, contribute to a better knowledge of environmental law, share experiences with environmental case law and contribute to a more effective enforcement of environmental law. Every judge in the European Union and the European Free Trade Association with a special interest in environmental law can become a member of the Forum. Judges from countries that have applied for membership of the European Union may be admitted as observers.

The Forum also provides input to DG Environment of the European Commission while developing proposals for EU legislation with a particular relevance for judges, as that is the case with the access to justice proposal, the legal instrument on environmental inspections or when it is evaluating existing legislation such as the environmental liability directive.

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