Law Enforcement Questionnaire

To enhance the abilities of the INTERPOL member countries to combat the illegal trade in electronic waste (also known as e-waste or WEEE), INTERPOL and its partners have launched the Countering WEEE Illegal Trade (CWIT) project, which receives funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme.

One of the key aims of the CWIT project is to provide a set of recommendations to support law enforcement authorities, including police, customs and environmental agencies, in countering the illegal trade in e-waste within and from Europe.

The INTERPOL Environmental Security Sub-Directorate, in close collaboration with other CWIT project partners, has developed this questionnaire to be completed by law enforcement officials in INTERPOL member countries. The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect information on the modi operandi and characteristics of entities involved in the trade of e-waste. The information supplied will remain within the secure domain of the INTERPOL General Secretariat. Only a composite analysis will be provided to the members of the CWIT project to be used within the context of the project (e.g. for the development of policy and enforcement recommendations).

We are grateful for your assistance in filling out this questionnaire. Please click here: INTERPOL Questionnaire to download the questionnaire in PDF format. You may fill in the questionnaire and email it to INTERPOL’s Environmental Security Sub-Directorate, E-mail: