The CWIT team has developed a questionnaire to collect information on the amount of appliances prepared for re-use (refurbished) and second hand appliances put on the market at European level.

The questionnaire needs to be filled individually per each country where preparation for re-use and market of second hand appliances take place. Through this instrument we aim at gathering more information on the individual mass balances per country and per WEEE recast collection category.

ALL the data/information provided will be aggregated and made anonymous by UNU, ensuring maximum level of confidentiality. From combining all the information gathered, the aim is to identify the potential amount of appliances overlooked when estimating WEEE generated in each country.
Only a very limited number of questions are mandatory (indicated with the * symbol). You can skip questions that could be regarded as confidential or too sensitive, or where no data is available. However, we would appreciate your tentative figures in ranges instead if available.

To assist you, for any questions remaining, do not hesitate to ask per email to
We are grateful for your assistance in filling out this questionnaire!

The print-out of the full questionnaire can be downloaded for your convenience here: Refurbishers Survey but please only fill in here.