Work Package Reports

Here you will find a summary of each of the CWIT Project’s Work Packages and their objectives. Please click on the links to view the Executive Summary of the relevant reports. You can also download a copy of the full report by clicking on the link, If you have any questions, please contact us at

WP1 – Management and Coordination

The objective of WP1 is to coordinate and monitor the progress of the CWIT project and to ensure the achievement of the project objectives.

WP2 – WEEE Actors and Amounts

The objective of WP2 is to produce an overview of the European WEEE industries and the relevant actors and parties in these industries with a particular focus on the end-users involved in the fight against the illegal trade of WEEE. Activities to be performed: mapping of all the relevant stakeholders; analysis of the distribution of WEEE; gathering and analysis of existing initiatives, projects and studies. All this information will be made available to all project partners via the C2P information management system and will serve as input to all the other work packages, (‘knowledge database’).

Deliverable 2.1_Mapping of WEEE actors summary.

Download the full report here: CWIT_WP2_D2 1_Mapping of WEEE Actors.

Deliverable 2.2_WEEE site report summary.

Deliverable 2.3_Database and WEEE classification listing summary.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D2 3_Database and WEEE classification listing

Deliverable 2.4_Inventory of WEEE related research summary.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D2 4_Inventory of WEEE related research.

WP3 – Legal Framework

WP3 builds on the intelligence gathered in WP2 and its objective is to provide a global overview of the current legislation in place at international, European, and national levels.

By engaging with stakeholders through questionnaires, WP3 will comparatively evaluate different national political and regulatory environments on WEEE. WP3 will also deliver recommendations for best policies that support actions countering illegal trade of WEEE.

Deliverable 3.1_Development and distribution of questionnaires.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D3 1_Dev of Questionnaire

Deliverable 3.2_Synthesis of Questionnaire Responses.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D3 2_Synthesis of Questionnaire Responses

WP4 – Market Assessment

The aim of WP4 is to build up an up-to-date and accurate picture of the WEEE operators and the industry that is built around the trade in WEEE. Based on the information and identification of WEEE operators in WP2, this WP will gather all key facts and figures on the EEE amounts place on the EU market and resulting WEEE flows.

An estimation of the total volume of WEEE generated in Europe will be performed and a conceptual model of the WEEE stream including lifespans and destinations of discarded equipment will be created. The resulting market assessment will describe all reported flows and the resulting gap analysis on missing quantities is the starting point for the crime analysis scheduled in WP5.

Deliverable 4.1_Typology of companies involved in the export market summary.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D4 1_Typology of WEEE operators.2

WP5 – Crime Analysis

The objectives of WP5 are to conduct a comprehensive study of the involvement of organized crime groups in the global distribution of WEEE, identify the specific criminal activities and modi operandi associated with illegal WEEE shipments, and provide an estimation of the volume of WEEE that is generated and illegally traded. Law enforcement and compliance gaps will be analyzed and a system of best practices to mitigate the illegal trade in WEEE will be developed.

Deliverable 5.1_Definition of organised crime summary.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D5 1_Definition of Organised Crime

WP6 – Recommendations

The objective of WP6 is to provide a set of recommendations to government actors and industries involved in the WEEE stream.  WP6 aims to heighten awareness of the WEEE issue, facilitate discussions between stakeholders and increase the resilience of the WEEE industry against illegal trade.  The recommendations will be delivered in the form of reports specifically tailored to the target audience. A strategic roadmap will also be created to equip the European Commission with the knowledge to guide future research and technology development

WP7 – Dissemination

The objective of WP7 is to ensure that the results of the project have a lasting and permanent impact on European society and that many international organizations can use these results, which are likely to have diverse audiences, from members of the larger FP7/EC community, to other research organizations and other government departments – both within the EU and outside. Several of the partners have large networks through which to share the results and recommendations of the project. The dissemination will, therefore, have to be achieved through a range of traditional and new media strategies.

Deliverable 7.1_Communications strategy summary.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D7 1_Communication Strategy

Deliverable 7.2_Communications materials summary.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D7 2_Communications Materials

Deliverable 7.3_Public Website.

Download the full report here: CWIT_D7 3_Public Website