CWIT Reports

Information and reports will be made available to the public subject to the internal processes of the Consortium and the approval of the European Commission. For more information please contact the Project Coordinator.

Database of WEEE actors

One of the goals of the CWIT project is to provide an overview of the actors involved in the WEEE value chain. This exercise allowed us to assess the quantity and complexity of interested parties, and to understand the information available on public databases. The outcome of the extensive desk research performed by project partners was compiled in the table available here. The CWIT consortium would like to thank the CWIT network for the information provided to complete this database.

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e-Waste Classification Recommendation paper

The CWIT project is pleased to present our Recommendation paper to actors on e-waste classifications. The paper outlines how the CWIT project will use the UNU-KEYS as a harmonized classification system to deal with the variety of existing e-waste classifications.

Recommendation paperYou can download the paper here: Recommendation paper to actors.





CWIT Workshop Presentations

The CWIT project held a workshop in Lyon in October 2014 where preliminary findings of the first year of the project were shared by the project partners with external experts for their feedback and recommendations. Here you will find the presentations of the CWIT project consortium which were delivered during the workshop:

Legal Framework Legal Framework

Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis

Wrap Up 

Wrap up

List of attendees

 CWIT Consortium and Workshop Participants