WEEE Directory

One of the goals of the CWIT project is to provide an overview of the actors involved in the WEEE value chain. This exercise allowed us to assess the quantity and complexity of interested parties, and to understand the information available on public databases. The CWIT consortium would like to thank the CWIT network for the information provided to complete this database.
Please note that this is a work in progress and should not be seen as a definitive list! Latest update of the information: December 2018.

Would you like to contribute and improve our database? Please contact us at info@weee-forum.org. If you would like to register as a stakeholder of the project please register here.

Please click on a country to view the types of e-waste stakeholders. This will bring you to a table with links to the types of actors including recyclers, producers, logistics companies, exporters, compliance schemes, clearing houses and collection points.